Vandalism Defense in Orange County

Penal Code section 594 makes it a crime for anyone to maliciously deface with graffiti or other inscribed material, damages or destroys real or personal property that is not their own.  Vandalism is a serious offense in Orange County and can be treated as a “wobbler.”  A “wobbler” gives discretion to the District Attorney or City Prosecutor to determine if they will file the charge as a misdemeanor or felony.  Generally, whether the crime is charged as a misdemeanor or felony depends on the amount of damage.

What to do if you are arrested for Vandalism in Orange County

If you or someone you know has been arrested for committing vandalism in Orange County the first call you need to make is to a qualified criminal defense attorney.  You are facing jail time, fines or even state imprisonment if the vandalism is considered a felony.  There are a number of things that an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer can do to assist with your case.  A vandalism charge does not have to result in the loss of your job and freedom.  Having representation by a leading criminal defense attorney can result in a reduction or even a dismissal of the charges.  Without the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer you could face the maximum allowed under the law.  Call us today for a free initial case consultation.

Hiring the right Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for a vandalism charge in Orange County you need to contact an experienced criminal defense firm to represent you.  The Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey is here to help.  Our office is dedicated to criminal defense and is centrally located in Orange County.  Don’t wait.  The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help.