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Dear Robert and Kathie,

On behalf of our family, please accept our thank you and appreciation, not only for your professionalism, but also for your personal graciousness in assisting Lauren. I am submitting the court copy of completion of the court-ordered PC 1000 program. Lauren completed the program 11/20/08 and thus far has re-enrolled and is attending school, continues a twice daily regimen of medication, and attends weekly sessions with her psychotherapist. As for mom…I maintain a 12-step program (alc-anon) because I have learned that obsessing on another person’s addiction is unhealthy for both the addict and the loved one. As a mom, I pray daily that Lauren will maintain sobriety and work on her personal issues. Her cognitive and language disability remain a barrier for her, at times – but then the best we can do is provide the tools and prayer to help her on her journey – the work is hers to do.

I am thankful to your law firm, the judge, the district attorney, the police officers who assisted when she was hospitalized, the bail bondsman who helped me through the drama and the many treatment staff who engaged Lauren over the past year. I don’t know that Lauren really understands the significance of those combined efforts; to me her soul remains unsettled – much like those lost wandering in the desert – but there are glimmers of the innocence and wonder she once expressed. Of course, I don’t know what the future brings – I have no control and still struggle with wanting to.

Robert, if you are still speaking to groups of young people, I invite you to visit the Challenge Academy, we are in our third cycle – you once told me that the drug meth was like the devil himself – while we cannot control things, we can do His work to resist the expression of evil.



Dear Robert,

I’m writing this letter to say Thank You for all your help. And I greatly appreciate all your hard work you did for me. Hope all is well and your doing good. Take care and hope to talk to you soon. Thank you.

Your Friend,


Dear Bob,

Once again you have worked a miracle for my daughter. Thank you for being there for her and literally saving her life. I know how appreciative she is to have you help her like this. I am so grateful for your perseverance. Thank you.

When my resources were stretched beyond what I could afford you helped by not charging Nicole. Thank you!

I am confident that Nicole will succeed. She will have battles to conquer but if she can control her impulsiveness and overcome her addictions she will have a prosperous life. I want only the best for her. You have given her another chance to succeed. Thank you!

I will visit her this October on her birthday. She will be 31. She will have completed the 6 months at Salvation Army and will begin her 6 months out patient. I look forward to seeing a healthy Nicole.

Thank you for the time, energy and resources that you have poured into my daughter.

With much appreciation and gratitude, I sincerely thank you!!!!


Bob and Staff,

Thank you for all your time and help. I appreciate you.

Thank you, thank you!

The Potton Family

Robert J. Hickey and Kathie,

That was so nice of all of you.


Robert and Kathie,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. You made the process a lot less stressful as we planned for our wedding. And even though we were hoping for a miracle, I believe you have put me in the best possible situation I could have gotten, so thank you for that. The wedding was awesome and my bride was beautiful. We also had no problems in getting into or coming back from Italy, which was also beautiful. We have an immigration lawyer working on getting me into Canada, and if that doesn’t work she will be down here in 2 years. It will all be better eventually.

Thanks Again,


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